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What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the Transtheoretical Model?

TMM has both criticisms and strengths. One of the major strength of TMM is that this model addresses the phases or stages that are experienced by an individuals before they may execute actions to change their health behaviors. These stages include precontemplation, contemplation and preparation. These stages are useful in better understanding why individuals are willing to change in connection to a specific health behavior.

A good example here is when the youths practice unprotected sexual intercourse and they do not care listening or seeking information on how to protect themselves by using contraceptives like condoms. These youths are in precontemplation stage as they do not pay any attention to information on having protected sex.
TMM does not only address the aspect of change but it also allows a spiral effect. In this case, many individuals are seen typically making many trials in changing their behaviors and imitating actions before they actually engage in them.

On the other hand, some of the weaknesses of TMM include the fact that it is not clear to many people where the social liberation component fits in. Other models or processes have essentially indicated with empirical support that social liberation does not have a home in the stages of change.
This shows that TMM may be considered as not articulated. The other weakness of this model is that there is a termination stage. In actuality, termination stage is not applicable to many behaviors and it is not realistic. This is because many people who adopt a new behavior cannot indicate that they have never thought of that behavior.

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Take a Menopause treatment when you monthly hormone activity starts to change

Women of a certain age expect to go through the menopause; it’s a fact of life. Once their PMS symptoms start to alter and the monthly hormone cycle enters a new phase it can be a good time to find a menopause treatment that actually works. Certain telltale signs are pretty good indicators of when it’s time to start taking a Menopause treatment, hot flushes, sudden mood swings and night sweats are common indicators that a menopause treatment might be required. A Menopause treatment is designed to alleviate the symptoms and products like Femolene are a proven, reliable product supplied through This Menopause treatment contains slow release formulas and a range of active ingredients.

A slow release Menopause treatment targets hormone imbalances and it can also be used for PMS symptoms as well. The slow realising formulas of a Menopause treatment from provide ladies with support throughout the day. One of the key ingredients in the menopause treatment is Soya Isoflavones (Soya SR) which cause a mild and gentle Estrogenic action. Women find it easier to cope with the symptoms of the menopause by taking Femolene it’s a powerful type of Menopause treatment that helps to alleviate a wide range of symptoms that ladies suffer from when their monthly hormone activity starts to change.

Its bad enough you have to endure hot flushes and night sweats when your hormones become unbalanced that on its own is a good reason to take a menopause treatment like Femolene bought through However, when you start to feel anxious, start to suffer from memory loss, vaginal dryness and other uncomfortable symptoms you need fast relief with an effective Menopause treatment. Taking a treatment isn’t complicated all you have to do is swallow one tablet in the morning right after you have had breakfast. Then you can get on with your day and feel better in the knowledge that a Menopause treatment is helping you as you go through this change in life. Look online at and you’ll find a market-leading menopause treatment along with plenty of products that can help alleviate PMS symptoms as well.

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Which Points to Consider Prior To Taking Natural Health Treatments

Herbal supplements are in vogue these days but are they right for you too? Though these supplements are natural they might not be safe always. Therefore, while taking health nutritional supplements it is necessary to take these three things into considerations:

The herb that you select: There are several kinds of herbs available in the market and therefore it becomes necessary to carefully buy the herb or the herbal products. The herb that you select must be pure and genuine so that it can provide you with expected results.
Also, you need to consider the qualities of the herb, each herb has its own quality and therefore, you need to make sure that the herb does not interact with other drugs taken by you. Certain herbs might have toxic effect due to the mixing of wrong combinations of herbs. Hence, it is always wise to consult a natural health consultant before experimenting with your body.

The prevailing health: your health must always be taken into consideration first and foremost. Suppose you are suffering from chronic illness then it is time to take some medicines that can give you immediate relief. An herbal product takes a longer time to heal any ailments.
Natural health treatment can be a solution for many health troubles but you need to be sure that you do suffer from them. Otherwise blindly taking any treatment can harm your body. Natural health treatments have proved to be the best solution for diseases such as arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular and much more. It can also enhance your energy levels and immunity power if your body is lacking in it.

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The Natural Treatment Of Ovarian Cysts Eating The Right Foods

Thousands of women suffer agonising pains leading up to and during their menstrual cycle and in many cases this can be attributed to ovarian cysts. A lot of cysts dissolve away naturally but it is the ones that continue to grow that cause symptoms such as swelling in the abdomen, heavy bleeding and nausea. Traditionally treatment has been by medication or, in the worse case scenario surgery, and even then, the cysts often return. Well the good news is that natural treatment of ovarian cysts can and does work by shrinking the fluid filled sacs and preventing them from returning.

The food we eat determines the ph levels of our blood and research shows that an acidic blood stream creates an atmosphere inside our bodies that cancers and other diseases can thrive in, whereas a blood stream that is more alkaline provides a much healthier refuge. So it is important to cut back on the amount of sugar and processed foods that we consume, so as not to create an atmosphere that is conducive for ovarian cysts to form.

So the low down is that by eating less sugar we are less likely to suffer unhealthy insulin levels which can trigger the growth of ovarian cysts and at the same time we may well lose some weight, which isn’t normally a bad thing. Naturally it can be difficult to change your diet overnight but make a real effort to implement healthy changes to your regular meals. I am not suggesting that you become a vegetarian, but it is important to cut down on your meat intake and eat more fish and also to fill your plate with lots of healthy vegetables. Other foods that are vital to creating a good alkaline level are garlic, grains and most fresh fruit.

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The Treatment Of Angular Cheilitis Is Easy

We all anticipate the summer, but it is inevitable that we have to go through winter first before we get back the sun. Now, the winter months aren’t really all that bad. After all, there is the snow, which is always fun. The way that the snow blankets the whole place is oddly heartwarming, somehow signifying that Christmas is once again just around the corner. Winter is also the perfect time to break out once again our jackets and sweaters, and also those boots that we kept in the closet for so long. So, while it is perfectly understandable for most people to desire the coming of the summer months during those cold winter nights, we should still recognize all the nice things that winter brings.

However, despite the great things that winter brings, it also comes with a few pressing problems. One such problem is angular cheilitis. What is angular cheilitis? Basically, it is just like chapped lips gone badly. Aside from just chapped lips, angular cheilitis can also manifest itself as cracking at the corners of a person’s mouth. These usually occur during the winter, since your body dehydrates faster and you are left with fewer fluids in your body. Should you forget to treat it immediately, you are risking having your chapped lips worsen.

What is the treatment for angular cheilitis? That is what we will be looking into right now.

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